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We are an experienced cosmetic dentist in Columbus, Ohio. Each of us has known people who just seem to light up a room when they enter it. That is the goal we have for each and every single person whom we meet and become friends with here as a cosmetic dentist. Is this something you might be interested in?

Cosmetic dentistry is the science and art of using all the tools we have available in cosmetic dentistry to help your smile look it’s absolute best.

A smile is a huge part of that first impression we make, either in sales calls, business meetings, or even general interactions with new people we meet daily.  The messages we send about ourselves with our smile, or a lack of one, can greatly affect our daily lives.

What message do YOU send in those first few precious moments of a first impression? What message would you like to send?

What we can do as a cosmetic dentist in Columbus to help you to improve your smile

Cosmetic Whitening

This is where we usually start. This is the process where we use a small clear tray and a gel to change the color of your teeth. Yellow teeth will respond better than grey teeth. This is done in your home at your convenience. There are many cosmetic dentists in Columbus who offer in office, light assisted procedures. I personally have never been satisfied with the results that I’ve seen with this process. The gel that is used for this is very concentrated, and can burn your gums if it contacts them, which can make your teeth very sensitive. We get great results with the at home treatment and unlike the strips or paint on products, we get all the teeth in your smile whiter, and it is easier to touch up the color as needed.

Ask about our Whitening for Life program, it is only a single investment of only $99.00.


This is the process of cosmetic dentist using a clear tray or the regular brackets and wires to move the teeth to the ideal position to improve your smile. If the teeth are in the proper position it makes the next phase of veneers or crowns much more effective and your results much better.


These are artificial coverings used by cosmetic dentists on your teeth that are made of porcelain. With these we can correct rotated teeth, out of position teeth, stained or discolored teeth, chipped or broken teeth, all in a very short period of time. This effect will take several trips over the period of about a month and we can achieve truly outstanding results. These results can be improved by having a cosmetic dentist move the teeth into the best position, but sometimes speed is more important.

Angel Lifts

As we all go through life we unfortunately collect a few wrinkles especially around our mouth. There is a large industry for cosmetic injections which require frequent & expensive repeated treatments. If you don’t like the effect once it is injected, that is tough. It stays until it wears away which could be 6 months or more. Angel lifts are small removable appliances that a cosmetic dentist designs for you to wear inside your mouth that help add support to the lips. Unlike injections, angel lifts actually help prevent further wrinkles and helps you get firmness back in the areas around your mouth.

If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist in Columbus and would like to discuss what options would be best for you, please contact us. 

Remember, your smile speaks before you even say a word!

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