Deep Teeth Cleaning

What is Deep Teeth Cleaning?

Deep Teeth Cleaning is also known as scaling and root planing. If you have been told you need deep teeth cleaning, it means that you have at least one place in your mouth where gum disease has started. Gum disease is the most common disease on the planet. It is incurable and progressive and painless. Once you have it you will have it for life. Left untreated, it will eat up the bones and gums around your teeth and they will fall out.

What Deep Teeth Cleaning Does

What we can do is stop it and keep it from getting worse with deep teeth cleaning.  Eight out of ten people have some form of gum disease. Fifty percent of those eight have a milder form called gingivitis, and the other half have a more severe form called periodontitis. All of these diseases are caused by bacteria that live in your mouth.

On average there are 450 different kinds of bacteria and a total number of about 450 billion of them. Now that is gross! These bacteria live on your teeth and gums. They make a sticky film that lets them stay put and not get washed away. Remember the red stuff from grade school? This is how the gum infection starts. These bacteria get deep down into that little fold of your gum right next to your teeth, (the place that piece of popcorn likes to go), and they keep growing. Once these deposits of bacteria reach a certain depth, you can’t reach them with your brush and that floss, and even if you can, they are really stuck on good and it is going to take some help from us to get those areas clean. This is where the deep teeth cleaning comes in.

The Process of Deep Teeth Cleaning

This is where our Hygienist reaches deep down into that little fold and removes as much of this material as we can from the teeth. That is deep teeth cleaning. Once we remove as much as we can then we shift gears and try to make life as miserable for these bacteria as possible. This is where you need to be helping out at home to assist the deep teeth cleaning process. We will recommend using a hydro flosser. It is an oral irrigator that can get deep down to the hard places to reach in your teeth.  We recommend using liquids such as hydrogen peroxide, oxyfresh, and peridex in this device to reach these areas where the bacteria like to hide. Without thorough deep teeth cleaning at home gum disease will progressively worsen.

We can’t get rid of all of these bacteria, and they will keep trying to come back. It generally takes the bacteria about three months to get reorganized, and that is why the three month maintenance visit for deep teeth cleaning is so important. This is when we re-evaluate all the areas in your mouth and see how the deep teeth cleaning is progressing. We then touch up those areas that need it and in essence reset the clock.

Gum disease doesn’t care if this is covered by your insurance or not. Like any other disease it can’t read and could care less, and if you have it, it will keep getting worse.

You don’t have to treat any of your teeth. Just the ones you want to keep. Contact Kenny Road Family Dental and Schedule an appointment today!

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